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Hang in there...as I know you will. Your words will save someone, though you may never know who. Or when.

I believe the bird!

I was thinking more on this and about how much sexual abuse has had to be fought in my church- the. Catholic Church. It does cause a physical pain to think about it- but shame on those who hid it for years, double shame on the perpetrators . Still- I want it admitted, stopped and prevented ! It is an evil, a cancer- that won't go away without a battle. Don't deny it, don't harass those who fight evil, support and encourage those who want an end to the evil and hypocrisy. Keep on your path, Beth. You are a courageous soul!

Ditto to what Judy said. The Catholic church has hid far too much and for far too long. I still believe in a higher being, although I will always have the words of my Catholic faith to identify the supreme beings, but I have grown to know the moral compass that is given to each of us is what we really need to trust. We change our perspectives, our values as our life unfolds as they should from the ones we have been taught. That is free will. I believe no institution is flawless, as you said..it is only as strong as it's weakest link. Why the weakest link or corrupt link gets held up and perpetuated is a question for mankind always. Why the need for such stinking greed and power for money...I think it is the same deep flaw that protects abusers. If there are the weak or vulnerable to exploit, do it before someone stronger than the that particular abuser is who will take advantage. After all, there will always be the weak, the poor so it becomes a way of absolving themselves and pushing it under the table. God forgives everything so the abused will be healed as well as the abuser. The rich get so far removed from the poor that they cannot possibly connect themselves to anything they have done to the lives of those cast aside in their process of obtaining personal wealth and power. Abusers need someone to abuse in order to justify their own need to grasp any type of power or satisfaction of control...just call it anything but abuse. Sin fits right in at this point because it can be forgiven. Incest or sexual abuse has a different name that might require attention outside the church authorities....sin does not. Corruption is corruption and religions, the financial institutions, the media, the legal system....all need to have checks and balances. Sadly, organized religion has very little to offer in that realm. Keep on being you and offering hope and a new way of life to those who need your kindness and courage. Joanie

Thanks for responding. It is amazing how at this point in human existence, silence is still the usual response to abuse. No matter all the agencies and outside help there is, we are still waiting for church and family to be the ones to make the changes. To stop abusing.

Abuse will not be stopped by the perpetrators; but by those of us who set up boundaries. By those who remove ourselves from the relationships that are abusive.

Mostly, we can't know abuse, if abuse is all we have known.

We can at least agree to stop waiting for the church to be the leaders on this. Especially in the fundamental cult like religions, for they need people to be powerless.

Thanks again for remaining in conversations with me.

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